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When you come to your Take 30 session, you'll receive a full printed copy of the price guide:

Click here to see the complete 2020 Product Catalog

If you'd like to see specific sections of the catalog, take look at these links.

COLLECTIONS: The best choice for most families who want prints and digital from multiple images.

STORYBOARDS:  As part of a collection or as a free-standing item, storyboards of multiple images are always a favorite.

DIGITAL & WALL DECOR:  Digital is of course popular, though you'll find the best choice and pricing as part of collections with both prints and digital. For a bold senior portrait that makes a statement, wall decor is the choice.

STARTER SETS, etc: Looking for just a few prints from a single pose? Starter sets are popular for those who want just a sampling of their senior portrait. You'll find other items like complete books and grad cards on this page.


For TAKE TEN Sessions Only

Take Ten session have their own dedicated online pricing.